“We’re moving into an era of Gov-Tech” “We’re moving into an era of Gov-Tech” “We’re moving into an era of Gov-Tech” “We’re moving into an era of Gov-Tech”

“We’re moving into an era of Gov-Tech”

Hyphen’s Maciej Kuziemski moderated an expert panel discussion on a range of topics, including Innovation and GovTech, Interoperability, Open Source, Smart Cities, Trust and Security, among others.

Participating among distinguished guests from Apolitical, GovTech Polska, GovTech Lithuania and IE Publictech Lab, our aim was to understand the current challenges and needs for both SMEs and public sector organisations. Three points in particular stand out:

• Public sector innovation faces much greater challenges from adapting agencies’ organizational culture then from implementing/designing the actual technologies

• National administrations feel empowered to be more innovative whenever the European Commission gives a green light and suggest areas for experimentation – it helps both with agenda-setting and domestic buy-in

• In the words of Daniel Korski, “We’re moving from an era of government IT [to] e-government [and now] to an era of GovTech!”, which underlines an important shift in mindset – from procuring technology for government to digitizing public services, and now to fostering an ecosystem bridging public agencies, private technologists, and civil society

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