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Meet CovidCare

Our response to COVID-19 misinformation and the challenges of mass vaccination roll-out.

In 2021 there is one overwhelming priority for the world: vaccinating the global population and ending the pandemic. The quicker we will achieve global immunization, the more lives will be saved and the sooner economies will recover. Clear and effective information is key to enable a smooth roll-out and ensure high vaccination levels against the backdrop of misinformation and anti-vaccine narratives.

That’s where Hyphen steps in – with CovidCare. With our technology partner HumaniseAI (founded by IBM Watson’s former CTO for Europe), we enhanced our AI-backed real time conversation solution to support the global vaccination efforts. The technology behind CovidCare is already being deployed by the US National Institute of Health, and we can rapidly scale and implement new versions to counter COVID-19’s exponential spread.

Specifically, our solution can:

  • provide citizens with accurate and up-to-date public health and vaccine information, including availability, side effects, and fact-checking rumors;
  • answer citizen queries while promoting responsible citizen engagement with public health initiatives;
  • support vaccination administration by automating booking processes; and
  • enable governments to proactively respond to and correct anti-vaccination narratives through advanced analytics.


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