Embracing emerging technologies Embracing emerging technologies Embracing emerging technologies Embracing emerging technologies

Embracing emerging technologies

Hyphen is driven by the belief in personal interaction and the trust it creates. At the same time, we are well aware of the transformative power of emerging technologies to connect individuals and unleash human ingenuity.

The foundation of our services lies in the provision of the highest quality of expertise to the governments and corporations in the most seamless and efficient way possible. To us, digital solutions are means, not ends. This is why in our undertakings we are technology agnostic and focused on solving real world problems—be it helping the governmental agency get its message across through a bespoke crisis communication tool, or supporting a large public hospital triage patients more effectively.

Together with our technology partners we build multidisciplinary teams to rapidly implement novel and scalable solutions that amplify what works best and transform the rest.

One of such partnerships is already well underway. Hyphen has teamed up with Humanise.AI—the key innovators behind IBM Watson—to build a cutting-edge communication platform that interacts with users in a natural way. By leveraging best-in-class AI technology with the multidisciplinary minds at Hyphen—ranging from linguists, behavioural scientists to industry specialists—the aim is simple: revolutionise the way governments and corporations interact with and service their customers, staff and partners.

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