Driving change in the non-profit sector Driving change in the non-profit sector Driving change in the non-profit sector Driving change in the non-profit sector

Driving change in the non-profit sector

Hyphen’s new offering brings the future of work to impact-driven philanthropies, grantees and foundations.

State of play:

In an era of emerging challenges like technological change, demographic shifts, and economic uncertainty, the non-profit sector is under significant pressure. Philanthropic budgets are tighter, even as their needs are greater than ever before. To succeed, philanthropies need nimble yet affordable staffing to both respond to the crises of the moment and to strategically prepare for the future beyond – to become drivers of change, not victims of it.


Building on our success in providing on-demand talent at scale and speed to multiple sectors, we are expanding to support Philanthropies and Grantees in achieving maximum impact. Our offering for Foundations and Grantees provides solutions and work models we have already successfully applied to top-tier management consulting firms, governments and sovereign wealth funds to the civil society space. Our experts will help the organizations adapt to changing circumstances without lengthy RfPs, expensive and bureaucratic consultancies, or committing to grow in-house staff permanently. We support all working arrangements, from fully remote consultations to in-person partnerships to field deployments.


We provide two distinct solutions for Foundations & Grantees:

A. Theme-based Advisory

Provides quick access to senior experts with first-hand experience in solving Foundations’ and Grantees’ most pressing problems. Our advisory support provides a curated roster of top talents across five themes:

      • Strategy;
      • Technology Adoption;
      • Environment & Sustainability;
      • Diversity, Inclusion & Governance;
      • Impact Assessment.


B. Bespoke Expertise Support

Provides access to customized expert searches, allowing Foundations and Grantees to source highly experienced experts for any topic using Hyphen’s network & technology. We offer support on a wide range of topics, including but not limited to:

      • User Experience;
      • Behavioural Economics;
      • Global Health;
      • Migration Policy;
      • Education Policy and EdTech;
      • Data Science;
      • AI Policy & Tech for Good;
      • International Law and Governance;
      • Trade and Global Supply Chains;
      • Social Entrepreneurship and Impact Investing;
      • Innovation Ecosystem Development;
      • Housing Policy and Urban Planning;
      • Population Statistics & Modelling;
      • Finance;
      • Economic Development and Industrial Policy.


For more information or to request a pilot do not hesitate to contact Maciej Kuziemski at: maciej.kuziemski@hyphen.group