Launching Hyphen. Excellence Exceeds Limits Launching Hyphen. Excellence Exceeds Limits Launching Hyphen. Excellence Exceeds Limits Launching Hyphen. Excellence Exceeds Limits

10. April 2020

Launching Hyphen:
Excellence Exceeds

These testing times coincide with our relaunch as Hyphen. With Hyphen, we are now expanding our global reach, widening the area of expertise, and growing our team—all to deliver even more value to our clients and partners.

The rationale to launch Hyphen is simple. Having been at the frontlines of decision-making and entrepreneurship, it has become self-evident that the uncertainty and complexity of the XXI century requires new modus operandi: while the nature of work is changing towards becoming more flexible, contemporary problems that governments and businesses struggle with are impossible to be solved just with in-house expertise. At the same time, bringing together the best people may not be enough—knowledge needs to be supported by real life experience and cultural fit. Finally, the best outcomes can be achieved when these qualities are combined with strong project and process management.

In our daily practices, we are driven by the principles of excellence, commitment, independence and resourcefulness. We believe that exceeding expectations is a team effort that goes beyond the individual, dedication has the power to transform expertise into valuable action, absence of conflicts of interests enables us to make right decisions, and that resourcefulness underpinned by diverse relationships leads to success.

Our core offering focuses on three services:

→ Minds
Complementing our clients’ teams with senior advisers, industry specialists and consultants crucial for their success, based on engagement-specific needs.

Building interdisciplinary teams to deliver even the most complex projects across policy advisory, financial market regulations and crisis management.

→ Inventions
Ideating, developing and incubating rapidly deployable and easily scalable digital solutions in partnership with world-leading technologists.

Just as hyphens join words, our company strives to connect world leaders with resources crucial for success. Building a high-trust environment, we put together excellent individuals into multidisciplinary teams, keeping the focus on what matters: conducting meaningful projects and cultivating strong personal relations, at the same time cutting red tape to the minimum.

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