Our Network

Knowledge is power—if it can be turned into action. Leveraging a global network of seasoned experts, we bring together not only those who know, but those who can.

Allying real expertise

While cutting-edge knowledge and insights used to lie in the hands of a few big players, the future of work is distinctly different. The best and brightest often work outside traditional professional engagements. In a growing number of fields, small and independent teams have the most expertise to offer. 

Hyphen maintains a growing and highly selective network of these individuals and teams, which can be activated for a given cause. 

Our people come from a range of professional backgrounds and walks of life, but share an ability to get things done.

A net is stronger than its threads

Our experts benefit from exciting projects and highly competitive compensation, but also from this network’s mutuality. Offering access to production partners and actively introducing them to other experts who might be relevant for their professional journey are just two of the many ways in which we support them in their own endeavours. As we grow together, Hyphen supports its experts’ entrepreneurial projects.

Our Experts
Our collaboration principles

We work on an invitation-only basis
By welcoming experts and execution partners by personal invitation, we maintain a growing but exclusive network.

We grow together
Our experts value not only the interesting nature of our work. Besides being part of a distinguished network and receiving competitive compensation for their contribution, they profit from our support for their own entrepreneurial endeavours.

We know our experts and partners in person
We take the time to get to know our collaboration partners, their fields of expertise, interests and how they work — because it matters to us. Our discussions are always personal, led by one of our founders or subject experts. 

Compliance and confidentiality 
Our client’s projects are critical and confidential. Our experts are leaders with sensitive and privileged knowledge. We are committed to the highest levels of compliance standards to ensure confidentiality on all sides of an engagement. 

We engage our experts in flexible ways
The form of engagements can vary, from on-the-ground projects lasting several months to short-term remote support.

We engage in meaningful work
Our raison d’être is to engage with our clients and experts on projects that generate tangible value for all the parties involved. We strive to only collaborate on projects where we see the potential for meaningful results.