Real challenges require real expertise.
We partner with our clients to complement their teams with the women and men key to success.

Leveraging our network we connect you with

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Industry and functional thought leaders who contribute the knowledge that sets you apart.

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Seasoned problem solvers tackling all sorts of complex challenges.

We offer minds from around the world, spanning all topics

Project-based support
Providing teams with expertise on-demand, based on engagement-specific needs.

RemoteOn the Ground

Expert panels
Arranging a panel of experts with a breadth of experience on one or multiple topics.

RemoteOn the ground

Interim placements
Seconding seasoned experts and practitioners to cover medium- to long-term roles.

RemoteOn the ground
Succeed in your most critical undertakings

The higher you aim, the more critical precision becomes. In an increasingly specialised world, a lack of expertise can quickly lead to failure.

You might not always have the relevant expertise in-house. This is where Hyphen fills the gap. Whether you need a single expert or an entire panel, we are here to support you in a way that suits your needs.

With different backgrounds spanning a range of industries, all our experts have one thing in common: they are genuine practitioners who can translate years of experience into actionable advice and do not hesitate to make tough decisions.

We support you throughout the project
  • Proposals
    Joint discussions during the proposal phase on how to improve credentials by bringing in tailored experts.
  • Selecting candidates
    Recruiting profiles, including vetting to ensure technical, personal and cultural fit.
  • Integration
    We help you to integrate the experts into your teams.
  • Engagement
    Continuous support along the way.
Our approach



With our client, we build an in-depth understanding of the project’s objectives. Together, we determine requirements, capabilities and capacity needs.



We identify and select the people best suited to the mission to add the most value to the client’s efforts.



We bring these resources on board, involving them from the start and throughout the project to ensure maximal value creation.

What sets us apart

Excellent content, process and
relationship management

We engage experienced and deeply committed experts tailored to the project’s needs.

Thought partnership to
assess clients’ needs

We maintain a highly selective network. Experts join on an invitation-only basis. Our founders are involved in our client discussions and the selection of experts.

Ability to assess resources with a
tailored process for each need

Instead of providing fixed teams, we tailor our experts and the engagement to the project’s needs.

Quickest response time
with top-notch resources

We believe in human interaction. Therefore our founders personally foster relationship with our experts.

Trusted partner

We have the courage to voice what is right and offer the necessary solutions.

Full independence

No internal incentives cloud our perspective on whom to staff. We are free to always recruit the best experts for the job.


While our minds provide you with on-demand knowledge and expertise across all functional topics, Hyphen has a set of core capabilities, with strong expertise and a successful track record in delivering results. Within these capabilties, we offer bespoke execution solutions. Learn more about our →systems.