Digital solutions are means, not ends.
We team up with our tech partners and build multidisciplinary teams to rapidly implement novel and scalable solutions that amplify what works best and transform the rest.

Our approach

Future-proof governments and businesses both need to rely on emerging technologies and inventions. While the number of use cases grows, distinguishing between shiny new toys and tools that are fit for purpose, as well as a good investment, is crucial. We believe that the critical success factor involves combining technology adoption with reinventing processes and value chains.

Our solutions are inventions in the literal sense: they combine great, proven technology with novel ways of application. While practical in nature, we make them available for a broad range of clients.

Just as a nautical compass is useless without a skilled navigator, we believe that the digital future belongs to collective intelligence, which leverages human ingenuity combined with machines’ data-processing power.

All our inventions are rooted in sophisticated, battle-tested technology. Success lies in having the right people to lead client-specific implementation. We create a bespoke team of developers, industry experts and other specialists (such as behavioural scientists, linguists and designers) who work hand in hand with the client, focusing on deploying a minimum viable product within a short timeframe. This means cost-effective, visible results that can be iteratively expanded and extended from one function to another. 

Our offering

Together with our technology partners, we focus on building inventions that unlock maximum value for clients—in a scalable way—whether by improving operational efficiency, improving relevancy for different clients, or discovering and implementing new use cases.   

In addition to our Inventions, we provide an allied offering: Creations. Creations do for clients’ brand identity what our Inventions do for their technology. We collaborate with startups and clients to help them articulate and evolve their  organizational identity, brand, and design strategy to effectively reflect their unique value and bring their visuals and communications  to another level.