Digital solutions are means, not ends.
We team up with our tech partners and build multidisciplinary teams to rapidly implement novel and scalable solutions that amplify what works best and transform the rest.

Our approach

Future-proof governments and businesses both need to rely on emerging technologies and inventions. While the number of use cases grows, distinguishing between shiny new toys and tools that are fit for purpose, as well as a good investment, is crucial. We believe that the critical success factor involves combining technology adoption with reinventing processes and value chains.

Our solutions are inventions in the literal sense: they combine great, proven technology with novel ways of application. While practical in nature, we make them available for a broad range of clients.

Just as a nautical compass is useless without a skilled navigator, we believe that the digital future belongs to collective intelligence, which leverages human ingenuity combined with machines’ data-processing power.

All our inventions are rooted in sophisticated, battle-tested technology. Success lies in having the right people to lead client-specific implementation. We create a bespoke team of developers, industry experts and other specialists (such as behavioural scientists, linguists and designers) who work hand in hand with the client, focusing on deploying a minimum viable product within a short timeframe. This means cost-effective, visible results that can be iteratively expanded and extended from one function to another. 

Our inventions

Our inventions focus on unlocking maximum value in a scalable way—in terms of ease of implementation, relevancy for different clients and possible use cases. Currently we offer one invention that is deployable at scale across different domains.


Humanise.AI is an automated conversation platform that allows businesses and governments to take user experience to the next level. Rapidly disseminating critical information and gathering feedback from relevant parties, our solution helps assess needs and improve satisfaction while reducing costs and allowing employees to focus on what is key.

Developed by the minds behind IBM Watson, Humanise.AI combines best-in-class technology with the latest behavioural science and industry insights tailored to the specific client and use case.

Hyphen Inventions: Humanise.AI
This is how Humanise.AI can support you:

Problem addressed

Most organizations struggle to leverage digital solutions and meaningfully engage with their customers at scale in a tailored and sophisticated manner, which is particularly evident when it comes to demand peaks. Reducing costs while increasing operational efficiency is everyone’s concern. Few have in-house capabilities to deliver advanced digitization projects in a quick and seamless manner.

Potential realised

Finally, a smart way to take your communications to the next level—by proactively engaging with your customers in their native environment, easily scaling the scope of operation to cater to demand peaks, flexibly expanding and reusing our platform across different functions, all while gathering high level insights through advanced analytics. Communicating smartly has never been easier—regardless of whether the task is to provide airline passengers with reliable information on travel restrictions, or triaging patients that need immediate attention.


Our best in class technology consists of four components: Core AI System that leverages Natural Language Processing technologies, such as IBM Watson and RASA; a flexible middleware which allows for an easypadding-rechts-2rem implementation with the most common industry-standard, as well as proprietary systems; a user interface facilitating intuitive navigation across multiple channels; and an advanced dashboard allowing for real-time monitoring and management, with a built-in CRM tool—all fully customisable, ready to scale and be embedded with your existing services.


Quick deployment and integration with all major communication channels, managed by our experienced project managers, and supported by a multidisciplinary team of product managers leading the overall design effort, computational linguists, who deliver seamless conversational experience, behavioural scientists, who provide insights on how users can be most effectively engaged and nudged, as well as integration specialists, who take care of interoperability.

Airline industry example

Consider this: traditional helplines and other communication channels are extremely overwhelmed during the current pandemic. Citizens seek reliable information about COVID-19 symptoms, testing and treatment, as well as most recent updates regarding policy responses, lockdown regulations and travel restrictions. 

Airline that needs to respond to tens of thousands of urgent queries in parallel, may leave the customer with an impression of chaos—call centre wait times take forever, while existing chatbots are frustratingly basic and lack capacity to identify clients’ needs. Instantly increasing human resources—which is the most widespread response—is rarely viable as a long-term solution, given irregularity and unpredictability of demand peaks, and cost effectiveness concerns.

Things don’t have to be this way.

Our system that allows to seamlessly handle thousands of queries at the same time, identifying critical needs, prioritizing interactions and smoothly handling over clients to human operators, while at the same time providing advanced analytics of user behaviour based on geolocation and communication patterns, all to allow you to provide personalized services, allocate resources more efficiently, cut costs and provide a more enjoyable customer experience. Naturally switching conversation between artificial and human agents, providing a history of all user interactions within a designated dashboard, and integrating with your customers’ native communication environments translates into the most comprehensive and intuitive solution a client-facing operation could ask for.

Let’s face it—airline travel will never be the same. Lower demand will force some airlines out of market, and all others to adapt by modernising their services, increasing operational efficiency and competing for customers in more sophisticated ways. Imagine if there was a way to truly transform how airlines communicate with their passengers—anticipating needs based on context, proactively approaching customers in an intelligent way at every stage of their travel—from booking support that learns individual preferences by heart to making the right suggestions at the right time, no matter if it means proposing an upgrade, rerouting, or selecting favourite meals.

Accompanying passengers in their native environment, and providing them with exactly what they need, when they need it is a standard one can expect from the greatest airlines.

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