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Hyphen Leadership

Before founding Hyphen, we worked for top-tier consulting firms and in other high-paced environments around the world—from the concrete-glass valleys of Manhattan to the lush jungles of Guinea. Having been at the frontlines of decision-making, entrepreneurship and leadership, it has become self-evident that the uncertainty and complexity of the XXI century requires new modus operandi. With a strong curiosity and ambition to tackle the world’s most intriguing problems we founded Hyphen. 

It’s our conviction that the most daring and complex challenges require not just the best but also the right people, who combine knowledge with great interpersonal skills and fervour. We made it our mission to bring these individuals together in multidisciplinary teams, underpinned by a strong bond of personal trust and the latest technology. And we do that by focusing on what really matters: meaningful work, strong personal relationships that last, flexible ways of work and minimal internal bureaucracy.

Just as hyphens join words, we connect world leaders and problem solvers with the resources crucial for success.

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