Exceeds Limits

Hyphen is an independent global expertise group led by a firm conviction: you can only achieve the extraordinary by allying excellence.

Just as hyphens join words, we connect world leaders with the resources crucial for success.

Our Work

What we do

The demand for high-profile problem solving has never been more urgent—as has accessing real expertise. The right resources are often found outside one’s own circle and network, though. 

Hyphen specialises in finding these minds and engaging them in a given cause. We provide game changers with people actually capable of changing the game. Be it as single experts (→minds) or bespoke execution teams (→systems) — they are always carefully tailored to the client’s project.

Together with our execution partners we enhance our capabilities and prototype the future (→inventions).

How we do it

Hyphen’s actions are execution-driven. We deliver results, not reports. We only work with people who not only have an exceptional track record, but also the ability to translate their expertise into powerful action. 

For us, advice is high-impact craftsmanship. By leveraging our own experience, we invest heavily in in-depth understanding of our clients’ challenges, which enables us to propose the best project setup.

Unwilling to compromise when it comes to the perfect fit, we are fully independent, operating on an invitation-only basis. No hidden incentives cloud our perspective when choosing whom to engage in a project.

What we believe in

We believe in creating tangible value for both our clients and our network. As we strive to make a difference to our clients’ endeavours, we only engage in meaningful projects. When deep affinity and real expertise are combined, there is no limit.

We connect our clients with three forms of excellence


Access to experienced, independent experts to complement your teams. Experts include seasoned management consultants, industry specialists and senior advisers.


Delivering customised projects. A combination of tested playbooks and experienced practitioners.


Future-proof digital solutions. We leverage our technology partners and multidisciplinary teams to generate ideas for, develop and incubate digital products.

What makes us different



Leveraging years of experience in top-tier consultancy along with our access to a global network of experts, we understand the client’s problem better than anyone else.



Applying the highest standards, we search for and identify the right resources more efficiently.



Our network allows us to recruit and assemble project teams within two days. Our experts are deployed in just a couple of days.


Economy of means

Our lean processes allow bespoke and rapidly-delivered offers. Our state-of-the-art structures provide our clients, as well as our experts, with highly competitive value.


Entrepreneurial Collaborations

We proactively engage with our trusted corporate partners and experts on new business leads, allowing us to seize commercial opportunities together.

Our guiding principles

Exceeds Limits

Exceeding expectations is a team effort that goes beyond the individual. If excellent practitioners and leaders connect, true excellence can be achieved.

Expertise comes
from commitment

Through dedication alone, expertise can be transformed into valuable action.


Our independence is protected by the absence of external shareholders and conflicts of interest. It enables us to always make the right decision and support our client’s cause.

Resourcefulness that
leads to success

Challenges must be tackled together and with determination. Our precision comes from building diverse relationships.

Where we work

Hyphen’s DNA is global. We work around the world, physically and virtually.

Our management and creative teams, as well as our technology partners, are based in Berlin, Brussels, Budapest, Dubai, London, Stockholm, Warsaw and Zurich.

Hyphen excels at bringing multidisciplinary and multicultural teams together as one global team. 

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Our People

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